We are a community-based business that believes it is our responsibility to implement sustainable operating practices to minimize our impact on the world and protect the environment, while simultaneously improving the performance of our portfolio. With this in mind, incorporating environmental efficiencies into our building design and operations is core to our company, our shareholders, our clients and our communities.

When compared to other types of commercial properties, the storage industry has an inherently low environmental impact given low daily activity levels. Strategically, we offer a mix of square footage that is non-climate controlled and climate controlled, with non-climate controlled space having minimal ecological affect. For our properties that provide climate controlled storage, we hold inside temperatures at moderate levels which safeguard contents while minimizing energy required to heat or cool the space. Operationally, water usage is very low and minimal daily client activity helps to limit the carbon footprint within our communities.

Ongoing and forward-thinking energy saving initiatives include rooftop solar panels, solar walls, motion activated systems to turn lights on and off automatically and replacing older fixtures with modern energy saving fixtures and bulbs. In addition to this, we source and sell packing supplies made of recycled materials and have significantly reduced paper use with our no-contact rental process.


As a team, we are a united nation of over 700 colleagues across 100 communities in Canada. Diversity is in our DNA and is the foundation of our strength and stability. Our culture of continuous improvement, together with our ongoing training programs, promote diversity of thought, development of skills, personal wellness and safety. As such, we naturally foster internal advancement opportunities and promotions within our organization.

At StorageVault, we are aware that our services support people in moments of transition, and we appreciate the importance of our role and the impact we have in our local communities. Through the strength of our business, we support over 150 local charities, grassroots initiatives and national organizations.

We are passionate about supporting organizations across the country to support causes that are dear to our families and important within our communities, including those related to health, education, sports, equality and quality of life.


StorageVaultʼs Management and Board are committed to ensuring strong corporate governance that protects the longterm interests of our stakeholders, strengthens management accountability and fosters public trust in StorageVault. We understand the importance of equality, diversity and good corporate governance and are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards through the following practices:

  • Independent Director led Audit, Acquisition and Governance, Nominating and Compensation Committees
  • Acquisition Committee Mandate to review, approve and recommend transactions to the Board
  • Diverse Management team and Board and Diversity Policy
  • Annual review and vote to approve executive compensation
  • Annual election by shareholders of Directors, CEO and CFO at AGM
  • Whistleblower Policy
  • Insider Trading and Reporting Policy
  • Disclosure and Confidentiality Policy
  • Regular review and updates of all Corporate Governance principles and policies
  • Code of Business Conduct & Ethics which is signed by all employees

Please see our Corporate Policies page for a full list of policies.