About Us

StorageVault Canada Inc. (SVI) is a growth oriented company setting a new standard in the Canadian self storage industry. StorageVault Management Services focuses on proven methods, systems and processes to achieve above average results for the stores it owns and manages.

Over the past 15 years, the self storage industry has experienced an evolution in technology, marketing, store facility design and customer service. StorageVault Management Services team has been a market and innovation leader over this period and is viewed as one of the top operators in the country.

StorageVault Management Services owns, develops and manages over 243 properties representing over 11.8 million sq feet of space, making us the largest self storage company in Canada and the largest Canadian owned storage operator.

Our Services

StorageVault Management Services is a full-service self storage management company focused on increasing the money going into your pocket through revenue management, leading edge technology and buying power scale in the marketplace.

Store Management

  • Proven systems and processes
  • Increase the value of your assets
  • Reduce overall costs

Solution Center

  • Latest in Telecommunications Technology
  • Live Expert Assistance
  • Geographic Analysis of Customer Pool


  • Bank Package
  • Interim Financing
  • Sourcing Permanent Financing

Revenue Management

  • Informed Strategic Decisions
  • Supply & Demand Rate Adjustment
  • Knowledge of Canadian Marketplace

Technology and Software

  • Comprehensive Financial and Rental Data
  • Latest Software and Security Systems
  • Accurately Track the Competition

Project Management

  • Industry Experience
  • Efficiency Knowledge
  • Cost Saving Measures

Marketing Strategy and Analysis

  • Market and Site Studies
  • Supply and Demand
  • Demographic and Competitor Analysis

Portfolio Development

  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • ROI Recommendations

Exit Strategy

  • Storage Facility Growth
  • Accomplished in Property Acquisition
  • Strategic Advice

Why StorageVault Management Services

Partnering with StorageVault Management Services provides self storage owners a tremendous amount of benefits. As an owner of one store or many, you can expect the following:

Increased Value

Our emphasis on revenue management pushes the envelope on rental rate increases and posted rates; our marketing program drives more customers to your store at a lower cost and our solution call center ensures the highest closing rates.

Purchasing Power

We operate over 243 stores across Canada and have one of the lowest cost structures in the country. We use our economies of scale to reduce operating costs and increase NOI (Net Operating Income).

Free Time

Free up your time to work on new business ventures or storage deals while at the same time increasing your cash flow, instead of dealing with upset customers, hiring and firing employees or trying to collect receivables.


We have proven methods, systems and processes to ensure existing owners and investors get the most out of their properties with the focus ALWAYS being to maximize NOI and increase property value.

Track Record

Our team’s track record for impacting the bottom line (Net Operating Income) for managed properties is higher than the average storage operator and has resulted healthy increases to property values.

Bottom Line

The bottom line, we have managed to control and procure lower costs in areas like advertising, insurance, maintenance, personnel and marketing. This results in advantages for you in this competitive marketplace.

We have the experience to help you

Dear Storage Owner,

We believe in being accountable for results. The last 15 years has illustrated our ability to deliver results and increase a store’s value. We want to show you that our experience, systems knowledge and expertise will increase your stores bottom line and are confident that you will not be disappointed!

Iqbal Khan

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